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American Portraits - Wednesday, 10/12 to 10/14 @ Woodlands Auditorium
Transit Authority - Wednesday, 11/9 to 11/11 @ Woodlands Auditorium
Irish Tenors & Celtic Ladies - Wednesday, 3/8 to 3/10 @ Woodlands Auditorium
Inspiration of Broadway - Wednesday, 4/5 to 4/7 @ Woodlands Auditorium


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**************************** ARTRAGEOUS
September 21-23, 2016

A bright and sensually pleasing show with musicians, singers, and dancers paying tribute to a number of pop icons and musical genres, while artists are also busy painting masterpieces before your eyes. With a palette that mixes captivating vocals, intricate choreography and exciting audience interaction, ARTRAGEOUS takes you on a unique visual journey packed with wild inspiration, creativity and fun.

**************************** AMERICAN PORTRAITS
October 12-14, 2016

The DALLAS BRASS with its unique brend of traditional brass instruments and percussion joins "America's Beloved Tenor", DANIEL RODRIGUEZ, in AMERICAN PORTRAITS. This show includes instrumental and vocal arrangements of classical masterpieces, Dixieland, Swing, Broadway, Hollywood and Patriotic music. This wonderfully staged production is always a favorite of concert attendees.

**************************** TRANSIT AUTHORITY
November 9-11, 2016

Since performing their very first shows in the early spring of 2003, TRANSIT AUTHORITY has become known throughout the U.S. as the premier tribute band to the iconic group Chicago. Based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, this eight-member ensemble creates an accurate music salute to the greatest horn driven rock band to ever hit the stage. TRANSIT AUTHORITY'S mission is to recreate the excitement of the original Chicago's sound with each and every performance.

**************************** IRISH TENORS and CELTIC LADIES
March 8-10, 2017

IRISH TENORS and CELTIC LADIES brings together ladies with angelic voices and the Emerald Isle's finest tenors. This exciting production hales all the way from Ireland and their unique blend of timeless, traditional folk ballads with classical and adult contemporary songs appeals to all ages. Their Irish charm, exceptional harmonies and skillfully choreographed dancing enchants all audiences. This concert will prove to be one of the highlights of the year.

**************************** INSPIRATION OF BROADWAY
April 5-7, 2017

Inspiration comes in many forms: a breath-taking sunrise, a gorgeous painting and, of course, a glorious song. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, along with J. Mark McVey, have created a program that will definitely inspire! The five-part harmony and lush symphonic arrangement of highlight-filled classics like Climb Every Mountain, You'll Never Walk Alone & I Got the Sun in the Morning always give the audience a lift. You won't want to miss this performance.


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