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****OUR 24nd SEASON****

************************ PIANO BATTLE
September 15-18, 2015

Two pianists, six rounds, black versus white on the keys. An evening of classical music as well as some “improv” based on audience-requested tunes. We get to vote as Kern vs. Cibis play to win our hearts. An event sure to please both eye and ear!

**************************** RICKY SKAGGS
October 20-23, 2015

Lively, distinctive music and song performed by this Grammy Award winner who’s been pickin’ a mandolin since age 6! Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder is truly an all-star lineup of wildly successful bluegrass musicians. Count on it….passion and talent will rule the evening!

**************************** THE HIT MEN
Former stars of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
November 4-7, 2015

These Rock ‘n Roll Legacy performers recorded with Frankie Valli, Carly Simon, Jim Croce, Tommy Jones and other mega-stars. They’ll bring the magic of huge hits from the 60s-70s-80s along with great back stories and anecdotes to Hot Springs Village. You won’t want to miss this!

**************************** SURF’S UP
February 16-19, 2016

Enjoy the music of the Beach Boys, the Hondells and others performed by this talented group of five with tunes ranging from Surfin’ USA to Johnny B Good and so much more. It guarantees an evening of great entertainment. So high energy you may find sand in your shoes!

**************************** LIVE FROM NASHVILLE
March 15-18, 2016

Musical, theatrical professionals bring dazzling staging and costuming from the authentic reaches of Nashville… There’s the promise of boot stompin’, barn dancin’, trend setting entertainment that will make an evening of great fun. This will be a show to remember!


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